Website Development
Sayward Marketing Website Development

We build websites to designed for small or medium businesses and non-profit organizations.


Sayward Marketing Logo

We integrate your existing logo, use a plain text logo, or help you design an awesome new logo for your website.

Domain Name
Sayward Marketing Domain Name
We help you choose a premium domain name best suited to your website, or help transfer your existing domain name to your new website.

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Bandwidth and Storage
Sayward Marketing Bandwidth and Storage
We set you up with ample bandwidth and storage capable of serving greater than hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.

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Search Engine Optimized

Sayward Marketing Search Engine Optimized
We build your website to rank competitively in the top search engines for applicable phrases and keywords so that your website is in front of searchers where they are looking. We set up and integrate Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools into your website.

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SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption

Sayward Marketing SSL Encryption

We utilize SSL encryption on your website to ensure data transmitted to and from your visitors is secure and private.

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Website Speed Optimization
Website Speed Optimization
We build websites to perform quickly by using small file size webp format images, using lazy load images to only load as users scroll down, and by the use of a content distribution network that loads content from the server closest to the website visitor.

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Responsive Design
Sayward Marketing Accessibility
We design websites to be responsive to the screen size of all modern devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC's and TV's.

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Audience Retention

We build each web page with a specific focus, eliminating distractions, preventing exit paths and providing a clear call to action.

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Social Media Integration

Sayward Marketing Social Media Integration

We incorporate your social media accounts into your website with share and follow buttons to help grow your social presence through organic web traffic.

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